Hwa Yu Plastic Co. owns a variety of advanced testing machines and is able to offer the plastic material identification service. Tests for the following items can be conducted according to the Plastics Industry Development Center or SGS standards at customers’ requests. Customers only need to offer samples of engineering plastic or insulation material. Upon customers’ agreements on the quoted prices offered, tests will be processed as the earliest possible time.

    .Fire Resistance and Flammability Properties Test: Fire Test, Flammability Test
    .Thermal Properties Test: Melt Flow Index, Heat Distortion, Thermal Ageing
    .RoHS Test:(Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+, PBB, PBDE)
    .Physical-Mechanical Properties Test: Hardness, Tension, Compression, Transverse, Friction Coefficient
    .Material Analysis Test: Materials Identification, Specific Gravity, Density, Water Absorption, pH
    .Electric Properties Test: Insulation Destruction, Resistance Coefficient, Dielectric Constant, Arc Resistance Test

    1. Water Penetration Tester
    1. Ageing Oven Tester
    1. Tensile Strength/External Loading Tester
    1. ESCR Tester
    1. Melt Flow Indexer
    1. Electronic Balance
    1. Carbon Black Tester